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Your trademark is one of your business’ most valuable asset.  A trademark registration is a powerful protection. By registering a trademark for your brand name, logo and/or slogan you earn the exclusive right to use your mark throughout the United States, in your industry. A federal trademark registration is the strongest protection your brand can get.

 The Trademark Law Firm that Saves You Time and Money

The trademark application process is deceptively simple and lasts approximately 7 months. Additionally, you tend to know your chances of registering the trademark only 3 months after filing. Our trademark attorneys can save you a lot of time by strengthening your trademark application from the get-go.

Before investing in promoting a brand name that has low chances of being trademarked, our trademark attorneys perform a search and provide an opinion assessing your mark’s chances of success. A trademark opinion is the single most important information you need before investing in marketing your mark. 

Flat Fee Trademark Packages

Buchwald & Associates is a leading trademark law firm. We handle a wide range of trademark matters (including trademark registration, trademark licensing, trademark assignment, portfolio management and domain name transfer). We provide strategic legal advice to our clients and are committed to helping them succeed. Our trademark services aim to develop, protect and increase the value of our clients’ trademarks.

Trademark Brainstorming

Brainstorm brand ideas with a trademark attorney and boost your chances of successfully registering your trademark

  • Get an understanding of trademark basics
  • Get exclusive trademark tips and multiply your odds of successful trademark registration
  • “Quick and dirty” preliminary searches of up to 50 words or word combinations of interest

Trademark Search
and Trademark
Attorney Opinion

A trademark attorney conducts a trademark search, analyze the result and submits an opinion on the probability of successful registration

  • Get a comprehensive trademark search, analysis and opinion prepared by a trademark attorney
  • The federal trademark database is searched for identical or similar word marks and design marks
  • The trademark opinion indicates how likely your trademark is to successfully register

Trademark Search
and Registration Most Popular

A trademark attorney prepares, files and monitor your trademark application, after having conducted a thorough search and opined on probability of success

  • Everything Listed Under Trademark Search and Trademark Attorney Opinion
  • Everything Listed Under Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration

A trademark attorney manually prepares your trademark application, files it with the USPTO and monitor its progress

  • Your trademark application is prepared manually by a trademark attorney
  • We monitor the status of your trademark application
  • We respond to all office actions

How a Trademark Attorney Can Help

Many internet trademark services offer “comprehensive search” but do not have a trademark attorney on board that analyze such search. These online services cut out the crucial part of the trademark process: the strategic thinking. A judicious analysis of the search result enables the trademark attorney to express an opinion as to the probability of success.

A trademark attorney is likely to increase your chances of registering your trademark. According to the Wall Street Journal, trademark applicants represented by attorneys are 50% more likely to register their trademarks than those filing on their own. This number is no surprise given the complexity and scope of the trademark body of law (which includes the federal statutes, the trademark manual of examining procedure and the TTAB decisions, not to mention the diverse trademark doctrines deriving from case law.)

Above all, a trademark lawyer is a trusted advisor; somebody you can count on to develop, protect and increase the value of your marks.