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America has always been a nation of immigrants. For generations, the American Dream has inspired the brightest minds to move to the United States. A safe-haven from religious, racial or political persecution for some, a land of opportunity and free-enterprise for others, today, more than 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies were founded in the United States by immigrants or their children, including Google, Ebay, Disney and Goldman Sachs. Immigrants are the backbone of the American economy. Immigrants disproportionately contribute to the dynamism and growth of the US economy. Accounting for only 13% of the US population, immigrants (1) start 28% of  US businesses, and (2) establish US patents at twice the rate of US-born citizens. It is our privilege to be part of our clients’ journey to the US and enable them achieve great things here.


Investor & Entrepreneur Visas

We frequently advise clients on how to turn a US investment into a right to stay and work in the US legally. We can achieve this in 2 ways:

E-2 (Entrepreneur Investor Visa): Requires hands on development with lesser monetary investment than its EB-5 counterpart

E-2 Entrepreneur Investor Visa

Unlike the EB-5, which requires at least a $500,000 investment, a significantly smaller investment may suffice for the E-2 visa, depending on the type of business created or acquired. Many E-2 visas are granted for small investments. For new startups, the threshold is the amount reasonably necessary to establish a new business. Generally issued for an initial 5 year period, with unlimited extensions, the E-2 provides some needed stability to entrepreneurs to grow their business without hindrance.

Learn more about the E2 Visa at The E2 Visa Lawyer.com.

E-2 is Great for Foreign Entrepreneurs

Turn your investment in your US business into a long-term visa
Great for creating your own business in the US
Unlimited renewals, as long as the business is successful
No requirement to start a related business in your home country
Modest investment may pave the way to unlimited stay in the US
Spouses of E-2 visa holders are entitled to apply for employment authorization

EB-5 (Investor Permanent Resident): obtained through a US investment of $500K-$1M

EB-5 The Investor Permanent Resident

With the EB-5, you can secure permanent residency (green card holder) for you and your immediate family by investing $500,000. The EB-5 is a terrific vehicle to secure the right to live and work in the US permanently. Because it gives direct green card holder status to investors, it allows them to successfully plan a move to the US and project themselves in America over the long term. The EB-5 is the highway to a successful departure to the US.


EB-5 is Great for Foreign Investors

Turn an investment into a green card
No managerial duty vis-à-vis the EB-5 Investment
Fastest way of obtaining Green Cards and US Citizenships for you and your family
The investment may be recovered by the investors
No minimum education, business experience, or language requirements
No need to maintain a foreign residence abroad
Spouses of EB-5 investors are entitled to apply for employment authorization

 The right track to a successful US immigration

Buchwald & Associates will offer durable legal solutions to help you invest and stay in the US. During our first consultation, we’ll evaluate your options and inform you of the risks and benefits associated with each alternatives. Then, we’ll recommend an immigration solution tailored to your current situation, concerns and goals.

EB-5 and E-2 visas are two useful vehicle for investors and entrepreneurs to invest, live and work in the US. But, other visas may better fit your particular circumstances. If we accept to take your case, we’ll dutifully alert you of better alternatives and of less-known solutions unknown to some immigration attorney.

We always work with your long-term objectives in mind so that the immediate immigration solutions we recommend don’t conflict with your big picture objectives. In order to avoid potential missteps, we will explain the restrictions applicable to your immigration status.

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