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Whether you are just launching a tech startup or are an established company, there are many reasons to expand your presence in the United States. Having by your side a gifted advisor who understands the legal and cultural nuances between Europe and the United States is an absolute necessity. The quality, or lack thereof, of the advise you receive will make or break an entry in the US market. In this context, we will be your eyes and ears on the ground. We do not take this responsibility lightly and strive to remain the trusted advisor that our clients rely on.

 Legal areas to consider when entering the US market:

Business Formation & Corporate Law

We form US subsidiaries, joint-ventures, and stand-alone entities, coordinate business and tax planning needs with our team of professionals, advise on all aspects of day-to-day corporate governance, including shareholder agreements, stock-options plans and issuance as well as Board of directors related issues


 Negotiation and Contract Law

We draft, review and negotiate agreements on your behalf with your clients, and partners



We oversee the merger and acquisition of US entities

 Intellectual Property Law

We protect your copyright, trademark, patent and trade secrets in the US, preventively: by filing for adequate IP protection, and drafting contracts with your partners, licensee, outside consultants and employees, thereby maximizing the value and protection of your IP assets


 Immigration Law

We inform and advise our clients of the immigration options available to them, their employees, executives, and shareholders, make recommendations, and file all immigration petitions. Learn more about the E2 Visa by clicking here.

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