Moving to the US is a long life dream for many throughout the world. The United States is the land of opportunity where the most innovative people and companies in the world reside.

For however long you wish to stay in the US, whether you’re hoping to obtain a short-term visa, have received an offer of employment, or will start a business, Buchwald & Associates will assist find the visa that fits you best. We provide creative immigration solutions to individuals, families, companies and their employees.

We advise and file immigration applications for those hoping to work in the US by (1) working for a US employer (H1-B Visa), (2) working for the US subsidiary of a foreign company (L-1 Visa), or (3) securing rights to stay, live, and work in the US through an investment in a US company (E-2 Visa) or an approved center (EB-5).

Immigration law is complex and subject to many exceptions and exceptions to exceptions. We will help you navigate these perilous waters and provide innovative solutions, even if no answer is discernible at first. We understand that the right to work in the US is a great opportunity. In recognition of the significance of this event in our client’s lives, we take great care to rigorously file their immigration petitions.

Steven Buchwald, Managing Partner of Buchwald & Associates, is a French lawyer based in New York. He frequently represents French expats on US immigration, incorporation, intellectual property and employment law matters.

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