Law firm with a Startup Mindset


A Law Firm with a Startup Mindset

Buchwald & Associates prides itself in its unique approach to the practice of law. We place clients at the center of the legal practice and pursue our clients’ objectives in the most efficient and transparent manners. We are not here to impress you with the foreignness of our legal jargon but here to help you understand your legal options, relieve any apprehension you might have and handle your legal work. So sit back, relax and do what you do best while we do what we do best.

What Clients Are Saying...

"I used Buchwald & Associates for the incorporation of and trademark application for my start-up and would recommend them to others launching a business. Steven was very responsive and promptly completed the services. I've also been pleased with the follow up from Steven as the trademark application advances through the USPTO process. Additionally, he's been helpful in providing advice and guidance when I've had questions on other legal facets of launching a start-up."

Sara S.

“Steven has been an essential partner for us as we've navigated the tricky waters of starting our business. His expertise in small business and intellectual property law; willingness to discuss any and all questions or concerns; and general easygoing demeanor, have made him an asset to us and an absolute pleasure to work with. He's knowledgeable, articulate, and most importantly: patient. I can't recommend him highly enough.”

Quincy M.

“I would use the services of Buchwald & Associates again and again. He's patient and accommodating, more importantly he helped me through challenges I didn't even know I had. I would recommend his services to others undoubtedly. 5 stars are not enough to reflect the services he renders, but it's the highest rating score here. I thought he was great.”

Yvonne D.

“In the past year Steven has helped me navigate the complex terrains of obtaining an E-2 visa and forming my dream business. In addition to being an exceptional attorney in immigration and intellectual property, he also helped me make invaluable business connections. I'm very lucky to have retained your service!”

Helena W.

“Steven was friendly and helpful. He is a good listener who understands the concerns of startup companies and make suggestions that work best for my specific situation. He delivers high quality services in a timely manner, and he's always available whenever I have questions. I highly recommend Steven to startups looking for legal help.”

Jim Q.


We discarded all the superfluous expenses of traditional law firms. No Picasso on our walls, $1M view of Central Park or gatekeepers to outwit to reach us. Our guiding principle is to provide stellar services. So we have a laser-sharp focus on our client’s problems, goals and visions – not ours. We significantly reduced legal fee uncertainties: Clients pay us for the value we add to their projects, not for our time. There’s no hidden fee, “administrative charge”, or last minute rate increase.


We are not your grandfather’s law firm that conceals more than it reveals. We focus on a single principle: serving our clients. In our book, this means complete transparency. You always know what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and how well it’s working. We keep you apprised of our every move, at all times.

Peace Of Mind

We tackle problems before they arise and do the heavy lifting so you won’t have to. We think of ourselves as creative problem-solvers and know that every problem has not one but a myriad of solutions. We do what we do best – representing and serving you – so you can focus on what you do best. You’ll know exactly where you stand – that’s our promise.

Know Your Options

We’ll provide clarity early on: We’ll go through your options and tell you about the risks and considerations associated with each option. This is because we want you to have the information you need to make the best decisions. We’ll define the problem together and then recommend a solution customized to your current situation, concerns and goals. In the problem-resolution phase, all the concerns we have jointly identified will be addressed. We know how to define problems and how to solve them.

Stellar Services

Truly exceptional service is not just about doing stellar legal work, it’s about making the provision of legal service agreeable to you, the client. At Buchwald & Associates, we see our job as delivering peace-of-mind to our clients and see ourselves as counselors-at-law, not just lawyers: we don’t wait for a problem to arise to tackle it but formulate advice based on both present and future risks. Our clients:

Are better informed about their options

Receive legal advice customized to their special situation, needs and goals

Obtain honest and actionable legal recommendations from us

Receive step-by-step descriptions of what it will take to reach their objectives

Are informed at every step of the way of progress made in their case

Sit back and relax, while we do the heavy-lifting

Committed to your Satisfaction

90% of our client emails are answered within the hour

Our existing clients are given priority. We answer 90% of our clients’ emails within the hour.

90% of our client calls are answered within seconds

We answer 90% of our client calls when they are made. We also give priority call-backs to our existing clients.

Zealous Advocacy

We’ll do everything in our power to protect and pursue your interest and help you reach the goal you have set for yourself – within the bounds of the law of course.

Flat Fee

When you hire us, we’ll let you know if the work can be performed on a flat-fee basis. Flat fees are non-refundable.

Honesty, Transparency and Completeness

We’ll give you an honest and complete assessment and enable you to make informed decisions.

When we know, you’ll know

We will update you ASAP of the status of your case and we’ll be easily reachable by phone or email during the entire duration of your case.

Complete Legal Analysis

We’ll provide a complete legal analysis of your situation and evaluate your options with you, so that you know exactly where you stand.

Complete Confidentiality

You can trust us to be transparent towards you. But when it comes to what our clients tell us we are bound by the attorney-client privilege to keep it in confidence.

What is a startup lawyer?

A new venture requires a lot of work; it sometimes feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Successful entrepreneurs often wear many hats and digest new information at a rapid pace. Many entrepreneurs become highly sophisticated abinout corporate and intellectual property law but, in my experience, none of them have done so without the guidance of a startup lawyer. Although startups’ budget are often modest, investing in building a relationship with a startup lawyer can unlock tremendous value, especially in your company’s infancy. A startup lawyer may also be a resourceful mentor and a powerful ally. Like venture capitalists and angel investors, a startup lawyer has seen it all before and is in the best position to prepare you for what lies ahead the corporate horizon.


To us, a startup lawyer is a lawyer that is proficient in two very important areas:


Building your legal infrastructure, and    Protecting your technology


Not many lawyers are skilled in both areas. Often times, corporate lawyers are great at setting up your corporation and negotiating deals but don’t know how patent protection works. Conversely, IP lawyers are adept at protecting your technology (through copyright, patent, and trade secret) but would have a hard time drafting restricted stock agreements, by-laws, and other corporate documents. In short, a startup lawyer adds tremendous value by both safeguarding your key assets and putting your corporate house in order, the two legal dimensions most important to a startup in its early stage. Keep in mind that those are the two areas that matter most to investors too because unprotected intellectual property with unclear ownership status and a disorganized corporation are red flags, if not deal breakers.

Often times, a startup lawyer is an aspiring entrepreneur with a startup mindset. It is the case of Steven Buchwald, Buchwald & Associates’ managing partner, whose focus on transparency, efficiency and stellar services was directly inspired by the startup ethos. Working with a like-minded startup lawyer is everything. This startup mindset enables lawyers to craft the ingenious legal solutions, which empower startups to disrupt their industry.

A startup lawyer also recognizes that startups do not have the financial capacity of established companies and offer flat fee packages that provide some much-needed certainty to entrepreneurs. A startup lawyer is a local lawyer, in our case serving the New York startup community.

Above all, a startup lawyer is a trusted advisor; somebody the entrepreneur can rely on for problems-resolutions, clarifications and guidance.